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Multifunctional Module MOUVON SH


The MOUVON SH module is used, where a complex LonWorks network is to implement on site. It is convenient to provide a means to keep enhanced network communication reliability. SH stands for "self-healing" network. The principle adopted, is to create a hardware loop in the network, normally only one-site closed as shown in the figure.





An appropriate protocol is executed in two (or more) modules, placed on the extremities of the network. Periodically, one module, considered as "master" tests for presence of the next, last connected in to the network. In case of no response, the network connection is switched over by the master to the other extremity of the network.



Technical Data

  • Processor: Еchelon® FT3150-P20 (Neuron Chip); 10 MHz.
  • Memory:
    • up to 42kB SRAM buffer memory with battery backed-up power supply; 
    • up to 42kB FLASH.
    • The memory space can be re-configured according to the user’s requirements regarding the volume and the type of the memory.
  • Built-in additional memory (optional)  Serial EEPROM/Serial FLASH, capacity of 128kB and 1 000 000 E/W cycles.
  • Real time clock (optional).
  • Built-in indications for:
    • Power supply            - Power_ON LED
    • Service- and Wink- conditions-     - Service Pin & LED
    • Network’s communication    - Rx ; Tx
    • Network’s integrity        - Normal ; Alert condition
  • Network’s interface: LonWorks® Free Topology/ FT-X1 ; 78,1kbps.
  • Power supply: Vs = 8V – 24V AC/DC; Is ? 50mA;
  • Temperature: -40 ? +85?C, operating and non-operting
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Relay switch :     2pcs NO/NC, 2А/28VDC ; 0,5A120VAC
  • Digital inputs :    2pcs low level 0 – 5VDC; high level 12 – 24 VDC
  • Power supply :         8 – 32VDC/Imax 50mA; 8 – 22VAC 50/60Hz, Irms ?50mA
  • Humidity resistance:        5 – 90% RH



The module has been designed for a cabinet installation, on a standard DIN rail.


(W x H x D) 79 x 25 x 91 mm