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Analog Inputs Module MOUVON ANAI


The MOUVON ANAI module has been designed to convert, control and analyze analog signals from a broad range of up-to-date sensors. This module can be configured as a separate unit in a LonWorks network.network.





Technical data

  • Number of analog inputs: 3, with no conductive coupling with the power supply;
  • Measurement quantities and ranges:
    • Voltage: 0-2V, transmitter output
    • Voltage:± 20mV, ± 80mV, for signals measurement and conversion of the following thermocouple types: J, K, R, B, S, L, M, T with linearisation;
    • Current: 0-20mA
    • Current: 4-20mA
    • Resistance: 0-300W , RTD Pt 100 in a two- or four-wire circuit, linearised;
    • Resistance: 0-2000W , RTD Pt 500, RTD Pt 1000.
  • Digital filtration with cut-off frequency selection possibilities: 2Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz, and 50Hz; Measurement quantity, range and cut-off frequency can be chosen independently and at random order for each of the three analog inputs at any time.
  • Resolution for each range: 16 bit (± 32767 units).
  • Error due to non-linearity: 0.0020% for all values except resistance; 0.006% for resistance;
  • Error due to temperature changes:
    • I (0? 20)mA, (4? 20)mA - 200mA/°C
    • R (0? 300)? , (0? 2000) ? 10mW /°C
  • Interface: LonWorks, transformer isolated, via a twisted pair;
  • Operating temperature: from -20° C to +85° C;
  • Power supply: 18-35V DC;
  • Consumption: 40- 50mA;
  • Protection degree: IP65, IP68 (submergible);
  • Weight: 1.3? 1.5 kg for a sealed module;
  • Analog signals conversion and control opportunities:
    • Linear;
    • Linear-segment approximation;
    • Square and square-root functions;
    • Conversion into ° C for RTD and TC sensors;
  • Authenticity control in terms of analog quantity measurement speed;
  • Disconnected RTD sensor control in a two- or four-wire circuit;
  • A built-in controller with PID regulation and Auto Tuning (determining the optimum constants and scanning time in accordance with the minimum regulation time for readjustment of more than 20% criterion);
  • Built-in Logic Interpreter (for setting up of automated systems with distributed intelligence along the network);
  • Continuous control of ADC working capacity and failure feedback;
  • Control, programming, self-diagnostics and model control opportunities.



In accordance with NAMUR standard

(W x H x D) 140 Х 77,5 Х 66 mm