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SANDRA® - CASE Designer

Software package for automated design via SADT

SANDRA software product is a Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Designer, based on Structured Analysis and Design Technique (SADT). It has been designed under Java and C++ and applies client-server CORBA communication architecture with existing practical software and object-oriented databases.

SANDRA is an advanced analysis device, extensive description, projecting and testing of the functional system operation, tracing casual connections for each function from the general to the particular and vice versa. This product automatically generates a software code implemented by a MOUVON module built-in interpreter ensuring full compliance between assignment and project realization. Opportunity for application validation according to international quality control standards together with a testing version for it is granted. Natural language for communication with users is applied.

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Software Administering System for Industrial Networks

QUANTAMAGNUM LM is a modern system for industrial networks administration with a user-friendly interface. It can be used for creation, installation, tuning, diagnostics and support of open interacting industrial networks based on LonWorks? technology. This system is a peculiar symbiosis between the QuantaMagnum ® product of Point L and the LonMaker®  software product of ECHELON. The extra specially designed software plug-in blocks enable the direct dialog with the MOUVON®  modules in their configuration and the network effective connection.


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Software Package



This package has been designed for automatic control of different technological processes and it includes two products: CREON PROJECT and CREON APPLICATION both working under all WINDOWS versions.

CREON PROJECT is the instrument for description of the system, subject to automation. Technological process actual control is accomplished by CREON APPLICATION using the database created by CREON PROJECT.