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Non-contact angular position sensor 0 - 360?  for harsh environment   
(4-20 mA Current output)




The sensor is absolute rotary position measuring device, providing a DC analog current (4-20mA/0-20mA), voltage (0-+2,5V/+5,0V) or 2kHz, 10-90% PWM output, proportional to the controlled object's angular position. Using a built-in Hall-effect sensor and a microcontroller to convert mechanical position to electric signal, the sensor gives a factory precalibrated full scale reading for every rotation range from 0? to 360? (FS reading for every span can be accommodated on user's demand). Unlike to incremental sensors, if power supply fail, measured value is not lost. There are no moving parts inside or outside the sensor, thus facilitating mounting and use with no service needed all over the lifetime (what is needed is to fix a small permanent magnet, supplied by default, on the rotating shaft or body).
Sensor is powered from non-restrictive AC/DC power supply from to 35V. Internal galvanic isolation is provided up to 3000V. Typical termination is a gland sealed 3 feet, 7-conductor cable. Alternative M or F connector or other cable lengths can be supplied on demand.

Technical data

  • Operating temperature     –20?C to +85?C  (–40?C to +105?C on special request)
  • Current’s output        4-20 mA (0-20 mA opt.)/360?
  • PWM output             2kHz/ 10-90%  mark-space (FS deviation)
  • Typical non-linearity         <0,2% over temperature
  • Low hysteresis            < 0,03% FS