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Digital electric actuators` controller  MOUVON POSE


The module has been designed to control quarter turn and full turn electric actuators (for 90° or 360° operation). It can be used for positioning and ON/OFF switching. A linkage-less, non-contact feedback technology is used to improve actuators relability, operation and accuracy. By use of this module all transformers of mechanical and electrical signals, end switches and brakes of actuators are eliminated.





Technical data

  • Positioning accuracy: ± 0.5%;
  • Interface: LonWorks;
  • Regulating valves curves linearisation opportunities;
  • Two built-in PID regulators (for realization of cascade-type control);
  • Built-in Logic Interpreter (for setting up of automated systems with distributed logic inside the network);
  • Power supply: 220V for monophase and 3x380V for three-phase electric actuators;
  • Built-in contactless circuits for rotation direction change (patented);
  • Broad opportunities for actuator diagnostics;
  • Stabil work in harsh environment.
  • Temperature Range    -20 °C ? 85 °C


This module is installed either in the housing of the actuator, or in a separate box by it.